Developer Documentation

Building Your First Custom Operator In Scala

Teaches technical users how to create custom machine learning and ETL plugins using Alpine’s Custom Operator SDK, Scala, and Apache Spark.

First Steps With Luigi Data Pipelines

An introduction to Luigi, a data pipeline library for Python that helps you batch and manage your ETL jobs. Code samples provided.

FoodMe: A Slash Command Tutorial For Slack

A whimsical adventure through the Slack API, teaching beginners how to create an integration using free tools. (NodeJS, Botkit, Localtunnel). An experiment in interactive documentation.

Blog Content

Machine And Deep Learning In Python: What You Need To Know

An overview of what Machine Learning and Deep Learning are, how they’re being used, and some of the major ML libraries in Python.

Plotting Climate Data with Matplotlib and Python

A real-world use case for data analysis, this ties together several popular Python libraries with publicly accessible data to show graphs of global temperatures over time.

An Overview Of Python Web Development Options

Introduction to web development in Python. Goes through several of the leading frameworks, who’s using them, and pros/cons of each.

10 Bots For Your Body And Mind

Chatbots are all the rage. But they can help you live a healthier, happier life too. Check out these 10 recommendations. Written for a major chatbot publication on Medium.

How To Build A Learning Management Program

B2B software selection techniques for building out a learning management program at your organization. Questions to ask and pitfalls to avoid.